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Cruise Tour a Coolest and Memorable Experience of your Life


To experience beyond the ordinary trip go aboard any Cruise Tour itís a very fantastic and exciting vacation package. Where each moment ensures that cruise experience is not ordinary. Relax and unwind in comfort while enjoying attentive service, great food and fantastic shore excursions. It's the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life. All Cruise Ships offer the best of gaming, entertainment, dining and recreation on the high seas.

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Cabins on most Cruises ships are large enough to provide accommodation for 4 persons with attached bathroom and separately controlled air conditioning with hot/cold settings. Complimentary bottles of mineral water are provided daily. In your cruises vacation ships staff are multilingual and fluent in English because they have visited different countries. Wherever you're from, don't be surprised if you meet someone to chat in your own language.

Cruise tours

We have connected aspiring travelers with the worldís best ship lines. The service levels on ships are very high and well managed where each moment ensures an excitement filled Cruise Vacation.


All meals are included

When we say all meals, we mean it as unlimited, when you want to eat meals, all you can eat. No land locked Hotels & Resort or bus tour can offer this to you.

All entertainment and activities are included in Cruise Holidays

In the privacy of your very own balcony you can dine and dance. From Broadway shows, wine tasting, movies, Music bands, dancing, swimming, comedy and more. The sea shows you some of the most beautiful scenes on earth, sky and water There is so much to do on a ship May be you cannot get enough time to do it all. Welcome to the luxury of Balcony Class. And it is all included in the price.

Cruise tours
Complimentary childrenís activities

A cruise tour is an ideal family holiday. The children (3 to 17 yrs) are offered a host of supervise activities all day long. No need for their parents to take care of their Children. At the same time, when they want they can all be together.

Transportation while on the ship
Cruise tours

No need to pay for transportation like car, cab, taxis, flights etc when you are on a ship. No need for transportation to/from venues. On a cruise vacation one does not need to make reservations for meals and entertainment. There is also no need for further transportation to the different venues. All are situated within walking distance.

Cruise tours

From comfortable to luxurious, there is a wide range of different accommodation offered on a ship, will offer all the up to date services and comforts.

Unpack and pack only once

Unpack when you arrive and pack again at the end of your cruise tour. Can you get this facility in landlocked holiday where you travel ?

Cruise tours
Visit many destinations without wasting time

Every morning you wake up at a different destination to explore. No need to waste your precious holiday time in travelling! The ship will takes you there !

Liberty to decide what you want to do & when you want to do !

The key element on a cruise holiday is selection. The modern floating resorts offer you an unlimited range of entertainment, activities, games and other facilities. Therefore your family will find lots or things and activities that they like to do on a ship. Thatís why cruises vacations are best for family reunions.

Safe and secure environment

Ships are a very safe mode of transport and at the same time offer a safe and secure environment free of crime. Safe Deposit Boxes are also available free of charge in some cabins and at the reception.

All these make it easy for you to explore more famous European cities and countries in one incredible vacation. The hardest part is choosing where to start ??? Here are some Steps which will help you in choosing right vacation spot.

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Norwegian Star
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Pride Of America

Plan Your Cruise Vacation in Easy Steps

There's a lot to consider when planning a ship holiday. But with this straightforward schedule, you'll be on your trip in no time! And if you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

What type of Cruise Tour are you Looking for ?

We have lots of options to match every individual likes. Are you a person who enjoys the thrill of visiting many ports and a variety of sights? Or do you prefer travelling with more time out at sea to relax and chill out ?

Where and When do you Want to Go ?

Most of cruise tours are held, 12 months a year. Prefer the itinerary chart to help you plan and when and where you want to go for holidays.

How do you choose the Itinerary that's Best for you ?

First, how much time do you have and how long would you like your vacation to be? Sam-San travels give you many options from a week to over a month. Just decides a places and experiences an amazing cruise holidays. Just decide when you want to go for vacation, and then find a itinerary to match.

What's your Budget for Cruise Tour?

Your cruise fare is determined by a number of factors like destination, time of year, stateroom choice. Stateroom fares are quoted per person and based on double occupancy -- with elegant and casual dining options, onboard entertainment like production shows, musicians and comedians, a Las Vegas-style casino, and much more included with your fare.

What sort of Stateroom Best fits your Needs ?

Most of cruises have variety of staterooms from which to pick, each including a range of facilities like refrigerator, flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms. Balcony staterooms give you extra space and your own place to relax outside on fine patio furniture and enjoy the memorable views. Suites and mini-suites offer even more square footage and premiums such as a sofa bed and upgraded amenities including luxury mattress and pillows. An ocean view double includes a large picture window providing added ambience and memorable views, and our most affordable option is the interior stateroom, which has fine amenities and no windows.

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Are you Traveling with Kids, Friends or Family ?

Traveling with family or a group of friends can be an amazing experience. Be careful and book early for the best selection of staterooms. For those who are going on cruise vacation with kids, there is free onboard youth and teen programs are available, and family-friendly shore excursions are, also.

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What kinds of Shore Excursions most Interest you?

From sightseeing and nature tours to off-the- beaten-path adventures and more, you can experience the best of every destination with a shore excursion. And it is easy for you to choose the right cruise tour, with excursions categorized by interest and activity level. Pre-reserve your shore excursions for the best selection and availability.

What if you Need to Cancel Tour ?

It is important to note there are restrictions regarding fare refunds and cancellation fees may be assessed based on the how many days prior to your cruise departure date Ship authority is notified of your cancellation.

Cruise tours

On board, you are encouraged to dress in your most comfortable attire The cruise offers 6 meals a day at international restaurants Our staff hail from 26 countries, are multilingual and fluent in English Pool on board a Star Cruise Ship Meetings & Conferances on a Star Cruise Ship